Texas Safari
February 16, 2007, 7:01 pm
Filed under: Personal

Who knew that you could get up close and personal with exotic animals from the comfort of your own car in Texas? I know it’s not a new phenomenon, but I had no idea how much fun it would be!  There’s something a little unsettling, yet hilarious about an 8-foot tall ostrich craning its long neck into your SUV for some munchies. Of course, Maggie had a ball seeing all these wild animals eating right from her hand. 


Zebras are beautiful creatures…until they open their mouth and you get a look at their grill.  Two words.  Crest Whitestrips. 


Do the Watusi!  Check out the horns on this beast.  I’m not even sure how the poor thing holds his head up. 



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it must be that tree trunk of a neck…love the pictures! maggie is getting so big! i can’t wait to see y’all 🙂

Comment by tracie b

Is this at that wildlife thing that Katrina went to? Where is this?! I wanna take the heathens.

Comment by aimee

It’s the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch and here’s their homepage. http://wildliferanchtexas.com/home.html
I highly recommend it for the kiddos.

Comment by J.Nichols Photography

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Comment by seavemi

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