First Day of School
June 6, 2007, 3:32 am
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Today was Maggie’s very first day of school. We had been talking to her for quite a while now about how much fun she’s going to have and what to expect.  We went to the store last night so she could pick out a new school backpack and a new dress. (She’s got great style, I might add.) 

She is so excited to be a big kid and go to school like her friends, but I was worried that once we got there, she might not want me to leave.  So, after we find her classroom and meet her teachers, I ask her to give me a hug and a kiss goodbye.  Other kids were crying for their mamas as they tried to make their exits.  So, I expected that Maggie might get upset too. 

But all I heard was, “Bye, Mama!”  That’s it? I ask her to give me one more hug. She obliges and then another cheerful, “Bye, Mama!”

‘That was almost too easy,’ I think to myself as I walk out the door, trying to fight back my tears. I’m so proud of her and just a little sad that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.


She wanted to make sure that I got a shot of her new backpack, which carries such essentials as 2 rubber frogs and 1 pink lizard.



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Jennifer how cute is your Maggie! I know the feeling because I remember taking Tracie and sitting in the car crying. Now I just do the same at the airport!

Comment by Jane

seriously. your kid is the cutest ever. sooo fashionable to boot! she makes me want 5 just like her! 😉

Comment by Tali

Ok, I teared up a little. I don’t know what I’ll do the first day of school. I’m dreading it now and Mac’s only 1!

Your not-such-a-baby girl is precious. I love the shoes!!!!!

Comment by cleverphoto

Where’s Mimi’s little baby? She’s growing up way too fast but she’s still my little sunshine. I’m sooooo proud!

Comment by MiMi

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