The Apollo
July 5, 2007, 4:51 am
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I had a feng shui attack last night.  And as I was sorting through all sorts of random junk, I came across this photo of my old car,  The Apollo, and I guess I got a little sentimental. This old Buick might not be much of a looker, but man I loved this car.  I had always wanted an old hot rod, so as I was walking down the street in San Francisco(where I lived at the time), I saw a man drive up and park this 1972 Buick Apollo with a “For Sale” sign posted in the window and I said to myself, “I want that car.” 

I had a perfectly practical, yet boring car.  So I thought it would be a good idea to trade in the Chevy Cavalier for a 30-year old Buick that could potentially break down at any moment.  I’m known to be a little stubborn and I tend to follow my intuition, so I bought this car for $2,000 and I never once regretted it.

I was dating CJ at the time and I would make the 3-hour trip up to the mountains from San Franisco to visit him every other weekend for months, and The Apollo never once let me down.  

The Apollo cruised up and down the Pacific Coast, to Big Sur, to the mountains of Yosemite, to the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters…just kidding. It did take us everywhere but the last part. And this car would GO!! It might not look it, but the Apollo had a big ‘ole engine. (Let’s not mention the gas mileage.) 

This old car reminds me of so many adventures. Exploring the mountains and beaches of California, feeling completely carefree, spontaneous road trips, and falling in love with my future husband. 

Sadly, we had to part ways with the Apollo when we discovered that lil’ Maggie was on her way.  The hot rod was replaced with a grocery-getter. And now instead of joy-ridin’ along the California coastline, I’m grocery-gettin’ with  a toddler.  Nevertheless, life is good.



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Holy crap, that’s a BAD ASS car! I would totally drive that even now, with my two babies. Seriously. LOOOOVE IT! And the photos rock. You make me miss San Francisco … I think we need to have a girl’s only, kid-free road trip! How fun would that be???? Start packing!

Comment by Sarah

I’m game, Sarah!!

Comment by J.Nichols Photography

A little stubborn???? That’s an understatement! I had many, many, many sleepless nights worrying about you driving that car. Glad you have good memories but wait until Maggie does something like that and you will understand what I went through.

Comment by MiMi

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