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August 16, 2007, 8:56 pm
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I’ve been “tagged” by my friend Sarah of Roxy and Kai Photography to list 8 interesting facts about myself. So here goes:

1.  My husband CJ and I met each other while working at a Jewish summer camp for kids in California back in 2000.  I was an arts and crafts teacher and he was a prep cook. Neither one of us is Jewish and we both ended up at Camp Tawonga through very random circumstances.  One day I approached CJ in the camp kitchen where he was working and asked if he’d like to go up to the top of “The Ridge” to do some night photography since it was a full moon. (I really just needed to use his tripod.) I guess that was our first date, and the rest is history. Here’s a shot of CJ from that night in July of 2000:

(this photo is scanned from a little polaroid transfer)


And here’s another of us in front of the arts and crafts building where I taught kids how to make ceramics, candles, paper mache’ masks, tye dye, you name it!


 2. I love to play golf and was on my high school golf team.

 3.  My Dad bought me my first guitar 12 years ago and I’ve been playing ever since.  I also love to play drums and CJ and I will make up our own tunes and trade instruments to keep things interesting.

Here’s me playing the “Welcome to Arts and Crafts” country ditty that we made up for the first day of camp.


4.  CJ and I lived in an old market up in the mountains of California before moving to Austin.  It still had “GROCERIES, Beer & Wine” painted on the windows from the 50’s and people would literally walk right into our home while we’re cooking breakfast in our PJ’s thinking that they were walking into a grocery store. It happened at least 50 times. Seriously.

Here’s Arne looking out the window when he was a pup.


 5.  I love the outdoors and I even lived in a tent for 2  summers, drifting off to sleep with Leonard Cohen in my headphones under the California stars, and waking up with the woodpeckers. It was awesome.

6. When I lived in San Francisco, I was a preschool teacher by day, and a bartender by night. Here’s me with my adorable little preschoolers.


7. I tend to be a little emotional (I’m a Cancer for all you astrologists) and I don’t think I’ve yet to shoot a wedding where I didn’t well up just a little. The ceremony and the Daddy/Daughter dance seem to do it to me everytime.

8. Apparently, my life didn’t become too “interesting” until I moved to California, because it seems like I’m just reminiscing about the good ‘ol days in Cali.  But by far, the single most interesting fact about me is that I am a Mom to the sweetest, cutest, funniest, most lovable little girl I know. My Maggie Mae.


Here’s the list of talented photographers that I’m “tagging,” so check out their blogs!

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I’m so glad I tagged you 🙂 That photo of CJ from the night you met is AWESOME! I love the story about the grocery store you lived in, too. And you KNOW I love that photo of Maggie. She’s just the cutest thing ever. Thanks for playing along!!!

XOXO, Sarah

Comment by Sarah

there’s alot to be said for living in tents! talk about peace of mind… did you hear about the EXTREME circus?? it’s in tents!!

Comment by ceej

I get it…intense!! You’re such a dork Ceej! By the way, CJ seriously lived in a tent for over 6 months behind the neon shop that he worked at. I only lived in a tent at Camp T for the summers. He’s hardcore…and a man of simple pleasures. Love you babe!

Comment by J.Nichols Photography

checking out your tagged friends 😉

was checking out your beautiful blog.


Comment by rebelinh

I love that you lived in a converted store, and left the words on the window!

Comment by Rhonda Gail

Oh wow, I need to catch up on homework it looks like!! 😉 I love your facts!! Fun, fun family.

Comment by Courtney

So… after some harrassment by a few other photographers we finally decided to play along. LOL Thanks for tagging us! 🙂 And… oh… FWIW… it’s “Almasy”. 🙂 😉

Comment by Anne Almasy

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