Jennifer + CJ…unplugged II
October 30, 2007, 9:12 pm
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Texturize me baby!


CJ shooting in the car window.


CJ is great because he’s always willing to jump off of things for me. And this man goes all out! He must’ve crashed into that side railing 5 or 6 times and he was wondering why he was sore the next morning.



Hey good lookin’!!






Me showcasing my donkey friends.  If you didn’t already know….I’m a huge dork.


Aren’t they adorable?!? We said hello to these guys during our last visit too.


I call this next shot, “Countdown to Crotchplow.” CJ forgot to tell me that he planned to jump over me. So as he’s getting closer, I decide that I should stand up and get out of his way.  As soon as I start to stand up, I get plowed in the face by his crotch and knocked over onto my back.  We were both laughing about how funny it would be to see some footage of that moment.  We’re such lame-o’s!


Full recovery!


Sign of things to come;)


CJ and I were able to sneak away for a couple of days out to our favorite hill country cabin.  This place is seriously out in the middle of nowhere and there’s absolutely nothing to do. Perfect!! It was just what we needed after a super busy month of weddings and portrait sessions. 

You can check out pics from our last visit here.

You can probably tell how excited we were to have a couple days of no responsibilities by all the jumping around we did.  It felt so good to drive along those gorgeous hill country roads listening to our favorite tunes with not a car in sight, and stop right in the middle of the road to take silly pictures.  It was amazing to look up into the night sky and see it packed with stars.  We definitely had some “life is good” moments. I can’t wait to go back!


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You two are the coolest!!!

(What’s with the 5?!! Are you expecting twins?) 😉

Comment by Courtney Sprague

You defintely deserved some time off!!! Love these fun pictures! You guys are absolutely the cutest couple ever and an inspiration to Warren and I. 🙂

Comment by Nathalie

you guys are having way too much fun,keep it up,life is meant to be fun,some take it much to serious ,enjoy everyday !!! love dad” the paw paws”

Comment by paw paw

i love these picts!! it looks like you guys have a blast together — and that you will both have a great time shooting our wedding in mexico.

Comment by lani

i l-o-v-e these pictures. It was so great getting to see you last night…and meet CJ. He was cracking me up. Fun pictures!

Comment by Ali Portis

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